How to connect ASIC?


All ASICs that work on the Ethash, Etchash, KheavyHash algorithms (KASPA, ETHW, ETC) can be connected to Kryptex pools.

Here is a short list of models that will work on Kryptex pools:

Ethash (ETHW, ETC) ASICs

The full list of ASICs that work on the Ethash algorithm can be viewed on this website.

kHeavyHash KASPA ASICs

KASPA kHeavyHash ASIC Osprey website, IceRiver website, or Bitmain.


FPGA Osprey website

Which ASIC to choose?

For which coin? What will be the income? Will I be able to pay off?

Experts from ASICMINERCOMPARE help miners with all these questions. They:

  • regularly study the ASIC and FPGA market;
  • analyze prices and profitability of ASICs;
  • make lists of the best suppliers and sellers;
  • will help to choose an ASIC for your needs.

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How to connect?

To get started, select the coin you are going to mine and the pool where you will mine.

To connect ASIC to Kryptex pools you need to know:

  1. IP address of your ASIC in your local network (you can find it in your router settings)
  2. The URL of the pool you are going to connect your device.
  3. Crypto wallet’s address where you will receive the payout from the pool.

If you don't have a crypto wallet for payouts yet, you need to create one. In our article we told how to choose and register a cryptocurrency wallet.

ASIC setup

Once you are logged into your ASIC device cabinet, go to the configuration (settings) tab.

The settings menu may slightly differ for different manufacturers, but the meaning and basic settings will be approximately the same for any model.

You will see the following fields:

  • URL (Address) — here you need to specify the address of the pool to which you are connecting.
  • USER (WORKER) — here you need to specify the wallet and the name of your device.
  • PASS (Password) — here you need to specify the password to connect to the pool.
  • COIN (Algorithm) — if applicable. Here, you should specify the algorithm or coin you will mine.

Pool connection settings:

Coin Algorithm URL - Pool address Wallet format Password
KASPA KAS or kHeaveHash or stratum+tcp:// WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
IRON FISH IronFish or Blake3 or stratum+tcp:// WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
ETC ETC or ETCHASH or stratum+tcp:// WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
ETHW ETH or ETHASH or stratum+tcp:// WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME x or leave blank

WALLET_ADDRESS - use your wallet address from a previously registered wallet.

WORKER_NAME - the name of ASIC, should be no more than 32 characters, written in Latin letters and without spaces. May contain numbers 0-9, as well as characters - and _. For example, ASIC_1

Get your payout!

Payouts processing hourly once reaching the payout threshold.

How to set the payout threshold?

  1. Open the page with the pool you are mining to and enter your crypto wallet’s address;

  2. Press the “Settings” button.

  3. Set the desired “Payment Threshold”. Minimum and maximum payment threshold mentioned at the pool home page. There is no payout fee — Kryptex pays it for you 🖤

  4. In the "Ip Address" cell, enter the IP address of the worker whose name the site prompts you. The IP address must end the same as indicated in the prompt on the site (see the last digits). Please note that you need an external IP address, but not a local one — they are different.

  5. Press the “Submit” button.

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