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What is IRON FISH?

IRON FISH is a public blockchain project that operates on a decentralized proof-of-work (PoW) system. The blockchain technology behind IRON FISH ensures secure transactions, peer-to-peer networking, and seamless integration with Web3.

For more information, visit the coin's official homepage at https://ironfish.network/.

What's the story behind IRON FISH?

IRON FISH's development started in 2020 and in its first round of funding, it raised $27.7 million from investors including Sequoia, Electric Capital, MetaStable, and Arrington XRP.

To get a complete list of current investors and investment information, you can visit Crunchbase.

Is it Worth Mining IRON FISH Compared to Other Coins? Will It Be More Profitable?

When mining first begins, you have the potential to mine more coins compared to a few months after the launch. In addition, if the coin is successfully listed on exchanges and traded at a favorable price, it may be possible to profit from it.

Please note that this is not financial advice, and it is recommended that you proceed only if you fully understand and accept all associated risks.

Where Can You Exchange and Trade IRON FISH Coin?

IRON FISH Specifications

  • Block creation time: 60 seconds.
  • Block reward (at the current stage): 20 coins.

IRON FISH operates on the Blake 3 Ironfish algorithm (the closest analogue of Alephium). The coin uses core resources and does not consume video memory resources.

Even old or weak cards can achieve a high hash rate with IRON FISH. The coin is energy-efficient and remains cool, even when compared to KASPA. (On the same overclocking settings as KASPA, cards will be even cooler.)

See the approximate table of hashrate and card efficiency below.

Since the coin's release on the Mainnet, the miners have been updated, resulting in a threefold increase in the hashrate! Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the IronFish Miner.

How and Where to Mine IRON FISH?

  1. You can mine on the Kryptex Pool — https://pool.kryptex.com/en/iron
  2. You can mine IRON FISH like any other coin:

Detailed instruction how to mine IRON FISH

How to Register an IRON FISH Wallet?

You can find instructions on how to register a wallet here: https://pool.kryptex.com/en/articles/ironfish-wallet-en

Which Miners Can Be Used to Mine IRON FISH?

The following miners can be used to mine IRON FISH:

Is Dual Mining Possible with IRON FISH?

Yes, you can mine IRON FISH in dual mining and triple mining.

How to Overclock Your GPU for IRON FISH?

Overclocking for IRON FISH is the same as for KASPA

To overclock, reduce the maximum power consumption, and set the memory frequency to the minimum.

You can check the IRON FISH OC Settings in our overclocking database.

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