How to mine KASPA


Due to the rapid increase in network difficulty, mining KASPA using GPUs is no longer possible.
You will now require an ASIC to mine KASPA.

We recommend the following ASIC models:

Here is a complete list of ASIC models for KASPA mining.

Step one — register a wallet

  1. Register the wallet
    Detailed instruction on How to create KASPA wallet.
  2. You can trade KASPA with on of the following exchangers:, MEXC, CoinEX, KuCoin, ByBit.

We recommend you mine to your wallet and then transfer the cryptocurrency to the exchange. That will be more reliable.

Step two — setup your ASIC

Quick-start mining settings

KASPA Pool —

Pool address:


Example of setting up KASPA ASIC Bitmain Antminer KS5

Step three — monitor the work of your miner on the pool

  1. Open KASPA pool page

  2. Paste your wallet address into the search field, and press Enter.

  3. You will see a page with the statistics of your wallet and your mining rigs.

Step Four — payout

Payouts are processed automatically once an hour when they reach the payout threshold.

How to set the payout threshold?

  1. Open the pool page and enter your mining address;

  2. Press the “Settings” button.

  3. Set the desired “Payment Threshold”. Minimum and maximum payment threshold mentioned at the pool home page. There is no payout fee — Kryptex pays it for you 🖤

  4. In the "Ip Address" cell, enter the IP address of the worker whose name the site prompts you. The IP address of your mining rig. The IP address must end the same as indicated in the prompt on the site (see the last digits). Learn your IP here

  5. Press the “Submit” button.

  6. Track the status of your payments in the "Payouts" tab.

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