IRON FISH — Mainnet


Kryptex Pool for IRON FISH launched on mainnet! The first blocks have been found, and the first payouts from the pool already sent!

We thank all the miners and testers who participated in testing. This is a unique experience, thank you for being with us 🥳

Airdrop statistics already collected and calculated. We will release the $7500 airdrop distribution as soon as Iron Fish is listed on the exchange.

The transition to the mainnet took 2 hours — we will pay additionally for this period to all those who stayed with us, in accordance with the hashrate at the last hour on the testnet. Before the mainnet, the connection was lost, and mining did not work for 2 hours, so we decided to reward the miners for waiting.

We at Kryptex highly appreciate our miners and testers, and we are grateful to every community member 🖤

Important Mainnet Information

You checked the statistics or wallets on the mainnet and noticed that everything has been reset?

After the testnet, all coins on all pools and wallets were intentionally reset. This is a normal process, as the testnet was designed to test the network, pools, and miners. It was only a preparatory stage.

Now, mining is fully operational, you can collect coins an receive the payouts. Wallets are also working properly. Take an advantage of this opportunity to mine IRON FISH on the Kryptex PPS+ Pool and accumulate coins.

When mining begins, you have an opportunity to mine more coins compared to a few months after the launch. In addition, if the coin is successfully listed on exchanges and traded at a favorable price, it may be possible to profit from it.

Please note that this is not financial advice, and it is recommended that you proceed only if you fully understand and accept all associated risks.

Airdrop and Reward Payouts

We have already collected and calculated the data for the airdrop and rewards.

As soon as the coin is listed on the exchange, we will provide information on the distribution of the $7500 airdrop and rewards.

Currently, we are uncertain about the exchange and trading price of the coin. However, we expect the coin to be listed within the next week.

The payout will be in IRON FISH coins and will be sent to the wallets that were used to mine on the testnet. The reward payout will be proportional to the shares that were sent during the testnet period and for the 2 hours of waiting before the mainnet.

For example, if all miners on the testnet sent 100 shares and the total rewards are $7500, a miner who contributed 10 shares will receive an IRON coin worth $750 at the exchange rate at the time of the airdrop.

The more shares you sent, the more rewards in IRON FISH coins you will get.

Boost your hashrate up to four times on Kryptex pools!

Kryptex's IRON FISH Pool supports the Stratum_TRM protocol, which can increase your GPUs’ hashrate up to 3-4 times! To take an advantage, use the latest versions of your preferred miners:

IRON FISH Wallet Operations

Prior to the mainnet launch, the coin's developers released a new version of the node and wallet — 1.0.0.

The only official and functional version of the wallet can be found on the developer's website. Installing any other version would be at your own risk, as there is no official graphical wallet for IRON FISH at the moment.

If you haven't done so already, prepare your wallets for operation by following these steps:

  1. Back up your wallets.
  2. Launch PowerShell as an administrator, and execute the following commands:
    • ironfish reset — reset the database and confirm the reset.
    • npm install -g ironfish — wait for the update to version 1.0.0.
    • ironfish mainnet — transfer the wallet to the mainnet and confirm the transition.
    • ironfish start — start the wallet and wait for it to sync up to 100%.
  3. Without closing the first window, open a second PowerShell window, and run the command: ironfish wallet:rescan — update the wallet data.
  4. Run the command ironfish wallet:status — your wallet is ready to go!

Helpful IRON FISH Node Wallet Commands

  1. ironfish wallet:accounts — displays all active accounts in the IronFish wallet.
  2. ironfish wallet:which — shows the default main wallet that is currently selected.
  3. ironfish wallet:use — set a default wallet to use.
  4. ironfish wallet:address — shows your wallet's address.
  5. ironfish wallet:balance — checks your wallet balance. The balance is only accurate when the wallet is fully synced.
  6. ironfish wallet:export — creates a complete wallet backup.
    • Example: ironfish wallet:export YourAccountName --path C:\Wallets\Wallet.txt
  7. ironfish wallet:export --mnemonic — gets your wallet's secret seed phrase.
  8. ironfish wallet:import — restores your wallet from a backup or seed phrase.
  9. ironfish wallet:send — sends coins from your wallet to another address.

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