Pool Statistics

  • Min. payout 1 SDR
  • Max. payout 500000 SDR
  • Hashrate 17.50 TH/s
  • Miners 16
  • Workers 32

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TCP port (stratum)
SSL port (stratum)
  • wallet/worker
  • or
  • email/worker
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SDR profitability rating: 93 High

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  • HiveOS
  • RaveOS

Mine SDR, receive USDT

Use email as a wallet to get:

  • Bank card, BTC, USDT, Advcash, and even gift card withdrawals
  • Instant withdrawal as soon as you reach $1
  • Smart auto-exchange of SDR to a more stable BTC

Create a wallet for your coin

How to connect to the Kryptex SDR Pool

Navigate to the ASIC interface following the manufacturer's instructions, and then access the pool settings section.

Configure the settings as follows:

  1. URL SDR Pool Address:
    • (a) stratum+tcp://sdr.kryptex.network:7777
    • (b) sdr.kryptex.network:7777
  2. SDR Wallet Address and Worker:
  3. Password:
    • Leave blank or use 'X'
  4. Apply settings and reboot your ASIC. Pool connection may take up to 10-20 minutes depending on ASIC model.

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