Mine Anything — Get Bitcoin!


On Kryptex pool, you can receive payouts not only in altcoins to your own wallet, but also to your Kryptex.com account.

All earnings will be deposited into your account and converted into Bitcoins. You can mine any cryptocurrency listed below on the Kryptex Pool.

Then you can order payouts in several ways from the account:

  • in USDT starting from 1.5 dollars;
  • In Bitcoin;
  • In Ethereum;
  • To an AdvCash wallet;
  • Amazon eGift card.

How to receive payouts in Bitcoin?

To start receiving payouts in Bitcoin:

  1. Register on the kryptex.com website and confirm your email.

  2. Use your email address registered on the kryptex.com website instead of your wallet address at the pool.

  3. Start mining and receive Bitcoins to your Kryptex account from which you can then withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum, or fiat to your bank card.

Remember about security! Ensure that your email is well-protected, your password is complex and different from the Kryptex password, and 2FA is enabled on your email.

How to connect?

The format of your wallet should contain your Email specified during registration on kryptex.com and the name of the worker through a slash /. The name of the rig must be written in Latin letters and without spaces. The worker name will not be recognized if you use a dot!

👉 Pool connection details:

Coin Pool address Wallet format Password
BTC btc.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
IRON FISH iron.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
NEXA nexa.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
KASPA kas.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
SEDRA sdr.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
CFX cfx.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
ETC etc.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
ETHW ethw.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
RVN rvn.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
ERGO erg.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
XMR xmr.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
ZEPH zeph.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
XNA xna.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
CLORE clore.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
KLS kls.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
PYI pyi.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing
ALPH alph.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or nothing


  • your@email.comyour email address registered on Kryptex.
  • WORKER_NAME — the name of the rig should not be more than 32 characters, written in Latin letters and without spaces. It can contain numbers 0-9. For example, MyRig1

Connect on Windows

  1. Choose the coin you need on the pool https://pool.kryptex.com/

  2. Enter the name of the mining rig in the "Worker" field.

  3. Enter your Email, which you registered and confirmed, in the "Wallet" field.

  4. Copy the command for the .bat file for the miner you need, or download the ready-made .bat file.

  5. Start mining. Statistics will appear in your Personal Cabinet 10-20 minutes after the miner starts.

Connect on HiveOS

Creating the Wallet

  1. Select the type of coin to mine.

  2. Enter your email address registered in Kryptex as wallet address. Example: your@email.com.

  3. Name the wallet as you wish.

  4. Confirm the creation of the wallet.

Create the Flight Sheet

  1. Select the type of coin to mine.

  2. Choose a pre-created coin wallet.

  3. From the list of available pools, select the kryptex pool. Check the pool address for confirmation, and then apply the settings.

  4. Choose the necessary miner and configure it for email mining:

    • Press “Setup Miner Config” to edit miner setting.

    • Edit “Wallet template” so the wallet address and worker name separated with a slash: %WAL%/%WORKER_NAME%. Please make sure that you are separating wallet address and worker name with a / slash. If you use a dot as the separation — you will not be able to connect.

  5. Name the Flight Sheet as you wish.

  6. Confirm the creation of the Flight Sheet.

Connect the Mining Rig to the Pool

  1. Select your mining rigs and workers for mining.

  2. Select the Flight Sheet that you have just created.

  3. Press the “Rocket” button to apply the Flight Sheet.

  4. If everything is fine, statistics will appear in your Personal Cabinet 10-20 minutes after the miner starts.

Connect on RaveOS

Creating the Wallet

To add a wallet, select “Wallets” from the left menu, and then click “Add wallet”.

Name the wallet as you wish and press “Add wallet”.

Connection Settings

  1. Choose the coin type.

  2. Enter a name for the coin in the field, or leave the default value.

  3. Select the kryptex pool EMAIL from the list of pools. It is essential to choose kryptex pool EMAIL for the email mining, otherwise mining will not start!

  4. Check the box next to the address of the selected pool.

  5. Enter your email address registered in Kryptex as wallet address. Example: your@email.com.

  6. Choose the necessary miner.

  7. Save your configs.

Connect the Mining Rig to the Pool

  1. Press the “Dashboard” in the left menu and press the button to show all mining options.

  2. Choose the mining rigs you need and press “Mining” button.

  3. Next, follow these steps: - Select the appropriate wallet for from the “Wallet” drop-down list. - Select a coin from the “Coin” drop-down list. - Select a miner from the “Miner” drop-down list.

  4. Press the “Apply to all” button. If everything is fine, statistics will appear in your Personal Cabinet 10-20 minutes after the miner starts.

Connect on ASIC/FPGA

To connect an ASIC or FPGA to the Kryptex Pool and start receiving payments in bitcoins, all you need to do is enter your email registered in Kryptex instead of your wallet address.

Statistics will appear in your Personal Cabinet 10-20 minutes after the miner starts.

You can see the list of the supported ASICs and FPGAs here.

Which ASIC to choose?

For which coin? What will be the income? Will I be able to pay off?

Experts from ASICMINERCOMPARE help miners with all these questions. They:

  • regularly study the ASIC and FPGA market;
  • analyze prices and profitability of ASICs;
  • make lists of the best suppliers and sellers;
  • will help to choose an ASIC for your needs.

Choose an ASIC or compare the profitability of the models you are interested in the Best ASIC miners table or at https://asicminercompare.com

❗Important Information

  1. If you choose to mine through email, all your savings will be stored in bitcoins in your account at kryptex.com.
  2. When mining through email, the connection format between the wallet and worker must be exclusively through /. Otherwise, no earnings will be received.
  3. Please be aware that not all miners support connection and mining through email. For instance, BzMiner will not be able to mine using this method.
  4. To withdraw money from Kryptex, email confirmation is required. Make sure to verify your email address during registration.
  5. You can find all information about the status of your mining rig in your personal account on HiveOS, RaveOS, or in your miner's window.

🚑 Need Help?

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Contact us via website support, the private message on Telegram, or ask for help at our Discord.

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