How to create Alephium (ALPH) wallet


Alephium is a new cryptocurrency utilizing the Blake3 algorithm.
The coin's developers aim to establish a swift and efficient blockchain.

The price of the coin is growing steadily, which has been attracting miners for a long time.

Alephium (ALPH) can be exchanged on MEXC, CoinEx,

We will discuss two methods for creating an Alephium coin wallet.

  • Stock exchange.
  • Extension Wallet.

We do not recommend mining to exchange. If you choose mining to an exchange, you do so at your own risk. Not your keys — not your crypto!

How to Register a ALPH Wallet on the Exchange

This method is convenient because you don’t need to register multiple wallets. Everything is stored on one exchange, and all coins and wallets are easily accessible. You can immediately exchange or trade your cryptocurrency without any hassle.

Some cons: The security of all your exchange wallets depends on the security of your exchange account. To ensure the utmost security, make sure to secure your email, exchange account, and enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Keep in mind that sometimes exchanges change the address for depositing cryptocurrencies. The pool will not be able to change the address to which you are mining, so some of the cryptocurrency may be lost.

  1. Register at any exchange that provides the option to trade Alephium (MEXC is used in the example);

  2. After signing up, select "Wallets" → "Deposit";

  3. Select "Select Crypto → ALPH", "NetworkALPH", get "Deposit Address";

  4. Done! You have got the wallet address for deposits to the exchange. Start by clicking on the icon next to the wallet address to copy it. You can then use it to mine or receive coins to your wallet.

How to register an Alephium (ALPH) wallet in Extension Wallet

Extension Wallet is a simple and secure wallet for ALPH, recommended by Alephium developers. Wallet extension is supported in Chrome and Firefox internet browsers. We will use the Google Chrome browser as an example.

  1. Open the Extension Wallet website —

  2. Click "Chrome" button;

  3. Click "Install" on the next page → Confirm the installation of the extension in your browser;

  4. Once installation is complete, open the wallet. The wallet icon will be placed at the top right of the browser window, in the extensions menu;

  5. Click “Create a new wallet” button;

  6. Set a password for your wallet, confirm it and click "Create wallet";

  7. The wallet has been created. Click "Finish";

  8. Open the wallet via the browser extensions tab → click "Set up account recovery";

  9. You will receive a secret phrase — a combination of 12 words. Safely keep them in the same order as they appear on your screen. Losing them means losing access to your wallet! → confirm you've remembered the phrase;

    The one who owns the seed phrase of 12 words — owns the wallet!

  10. The wallet is now ready to use! Click on the wallet address to copy it. You can then use it to mine or receive coins in your wallet.

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