About Kryptex Pools


Kryptex is the first professional PPS+ pool. NEXA, KASPA, CFX, IRON, ETC, ETHW, RVN, ERGO, ZEPH, XMR, Dual mining +++

  • Pool fee 1%.
  • Payouts every hour without network fees.
  • The best profitability among all pools.

📈 PPS+ Stable payouts with 100% luck

  • We pay you always, while PPLNS pays only for the found block.
  • Your income is always the maximum and does not depend on the luck of the pool.
  • Stable earnings — easy to check and plan your income.

💸 Nice payouts

  • We pay every hour.
  • You set the minimum payout yourself.
  • We are covering the network fees 😉

🔌 Easy to connect

Connect now!
All pools at the link: https://pool.kryptex.com/

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