ASICs Bombax EZ100, EZ100-C


Bombax introduced 2 new ASICs for mining on the Ethash/Etchash algorithm — Bombax EZ100 and Bombax EZ100-C. These ASICs are among the most effective for mining on the Ethash/Etchash algorithm!

We offer full support for Bombax EZ100, EZ100-C ASICs, high efficiency and stable profits for mining coins on the Ethash/Etchash algorithm —

Important note! The memory size of this ASIC is only 5.19 GB, you will not be able to mine Ethash-coins with a DAG file size larger than 5.18 GB.

Bombax EZ100, EZ100-C — Characteristics, Hashrate, Size

Model Algorith Coin Hashrate Consumption Dimensions Weight
EZ100 Etchash, Ethash ETC, OCTA, ZIL, CAU 12,5 GH/s (±5%) 2300 Watt (±5%) 21,3 x 29,5 x 40 cm 16,4 kg
EZ100-C Etchash, Ethash ETC, OCTA, ZIL, CAU 3,2 GH/s (±5%) 570 Watt (±5%) 13,3 x 41,2 x 44,1 cm 12,3 kg

What to Mine on Bombax EZ100, EZ100-C?

Bombax EZ-100 and EZ100-C ASICs can mine almost any coins using the Ethash / Etchash algorithm (with DAG file up to 5.19 GB).

Bombax ASICs also support ZIL dual mining.

Bombax EZ100, EZ100-C Profitability

Currently, the daily profitability of Bombax EZ100-C is about ~ 8$, excluding electricity costs. The EZ100 version has a daily profitability of about 31,5$.

We recommend to check the actual profitability in our mining calculator, where you can also calculate the profitability including your electricity costs.

Check the profitability of Bombax EZ100 ASICs on the mining calculator.

Bombax EZ100, EZ100-C Settings

Go to “Settings” tab to setup your ASIC.

Coin Mining Address Miner Name Password
ETC stratum+tcp:// ETC_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME x or leave blank

Miner Name — The wallet address and worker name specified like this:

0x3BF96862802EFe07B51c4E18D8232d8439aec373.bombax where

  • 0x3BF96862802EFe07B51c4E18D8232d8439aec373 — your wallet address,
  • bombax — Your ASIC name.

Please ensure that all three lines are configured with the same settings as shown in the screenshot below, so that the ASIC will resume operation in case the connection is lost.

Click “Update” to save the settings, and restart mining.

Monitor your ASIC’s work on the “Status” page. Here you will see your hashrate, statistics of accepted shares and all related information.

Bombax EZ100, EZ100-C Firmware Update

If necessary, you can update or change the firmware yourself, for this:

  1. Go to the manufacturer's website and submit a support ticket to get the firmware you need:

  2. Open the page for updating “Upgrade”, select the downloaded update.

  3. Update and reboot your ASIC according to the developer's instructions.

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