How to create ETC, ETHW, OCTA wallet


Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ethereum PoW (ETHW) and OctaSpace (OCTA) are Proof-of-Work forks of the popular Ethereum coin. When mining of Ethereum ended (15 September 2022), other coins replaced it, using the Ethash algorithm and an identical code base.

Ethash-coins are now only mined on ASICs.
GPU mining is useless due to high network difficulty.

In this article we will discuss how to create wallets for eth-like coins (ETC, ETHW, OCTA) via Metamask wallet.

How to create Metamask wallet

Metamask is a universal wallet for Ethereum-based coins. One Seed-phrase and one wallet address for all coins.

Metamask is convenient for those who prefer not to keep all their money in one place or immediately exchange cryptocurrency. An online wallet, protected by a password and a seed phrase, will store your coins until you transfer them to another address.

Some cons: The security of your wallet relies on the security of your computer and the safety of the seed phrase. To ensure maximum security, protect your computer, create a strong login password for your wallet, and securely store your seed phrase.

  1. Open the wallet’s website

  2. Install the wallet in any convenient way (web version is used in the example);

  3. Open the wallet;

  4. Click “Create a new wallet”→ accept user agreement → clickI Agree“;

  5. The wallet asks you to enter a password for your wallet and confirm it. Generate reliable password with your browser or use the password generator. Enter the password, confirm it, and click “Create a new wallet”.

  6. Watch the tutorial video and click ”Secure my wallet”;

  7. You will receive a secret phrase — a combination of 12 words. Safely keep them in the same order as they appear on your screen. Losing them means losing access to your wallet! Then click “Next”.

  8. The wallet will check how well you remember your seed phrase and word order. The dialog window will ask you to choose the correct word in the given order three times → specify the words and click “Confirm”.

  9. Your wallet is ready to go! First, click on the icon next to the wallet address to copy it. Then, use it for mining or receiving coins.

How to add ETC, ETHW, OCTA in Metamask

Metamask wallet uses Ethereum Mainnet (ETH coin) as the default network.
You will need to add the required networks for ETC, ETHW, OCTA manually.
We will tell you how to add them.

Each network has its own unique identities: Network name, RPC URL, Chain ID, Currency symbol, Block explorer URL.

  1. Open your Metamask account and click “Add network”;

  2. Enter the data for the new network (Ethereum Classic network is used as an example) → Click ”Save”;

    Data for adding the ETC network to Metamask:

    • Network name: Ethereum Classic
    • New RPC URL:
    • Chain ID: 61
    • Currency symbol: ETC
    • Block explorer URL:

    Data for adding the ETHW network to Metamask:

    • Network name: Ethereum PoW
    • New RPC URL:
    • Chain ID: 10001
    • Currency symbol: ETHW
    • Block explorer URL:

    Data for adding the OCTA network to Metamask:

    • Network name: OctaSpace
    • New RPC URL:
    • Chain ID: 800001
    • Currency symbol: OCTA
    • Block explorer URL:
  3. Your wallet is ready to work in the new network. You can copy the wallet address and use it for mining and receiving coins.

The wallet address for all Ethash coins in Metamask is identical. You can use one address to mine different coins and receive funds to one wallet on different networks. This is safe.

Switching between coins in Metamask

To switch between coins (networks) in Metamask:

  1. Open your Metamask wallet → click on the name of current network;

  2. Select one of the previously added networks;

  3. Done! You have switched to another network and can use the full functions of wallet in another network.

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