Mining monitoring bot


Mining monitoring on a pool just got easier!

Try it now:

What can a bot do?

  • Show the balance of your wallet on a pool
  • Keep track of the hashrate and activity of your rigs on the pool
  • Send notifications if at least one of your workers stops working, or if your workers start sending bad shares

What do I need to use the bot?

  • To work with the bot, you need a messenger Telegram
  • Follow the link and click “Start
  • Add your wallet address on the pool you are mining

The bot works on all Cryptex pools: ETHW/ETC/RVN/ERGO/UBQ/XMR.

How to add a crypto wallet address to a bot

After you clicked “Start” you need to add a wallet. To do this, click on “+ Add wallet”

Add wallet address

After clicking on the button, select which pool you want to add the wallet to. In our case, it will be “”

Select a pool

Next, enter your wallet. In our case, it will be an ETC wallet.

All done! Now the bot is ready to work!

Done, wallet added successfully. In the “workers” section, you can check your rigs. In the “Wallets” section there will be information on your wallets, pools, as well as balance.

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