The Kryptex Pool is conducting an airdrop of $7500 for IRON FISH testers. Don't miss your chance to grab your share! 48 hrs left until the mainnet!


Kryptex pool has launched an exciting airdrop campaign for the IRON FISH coin — don't miss your chance to earn big rewards.

To participate, connect your mining rigs to the IRON FISH testnet and continue mining on the mainnet. The mainnet launch is scheduled for April 20th, 2023, at 16:30 UTC.

Connect now:

Keep in mind that the difficulty level increases hourly, so start mining as soon as possible to maximize your earnings.

  • One RTX 3080 can produce ~4 GH/s,
  • Pool currently has approximately ~0.5 TH/s. This means that each RTX 3080 can earn ~$60 in just two days.
  • If the pool hits 5 TH/s, each RTX 3080 can earn ~$6 in two days.
  • The more shares you contribute, the higher your payout will be.

Rewards distribution

  1. The distribution of rewards for IRON FISH mining on the Kryptex Pool testnet will occur after the coin is listed on exchanges. Once the coin's price is determined, we will send the corresponding amount of coins to the wallet used for mining.
  2. Coins will be distributed based on the number of shares contributed by each miner.

For example, if all miners on the testnet sent 100 shares and the total rewards are $7500, a miner who contributed 10 shares will receive an IRON coin worth $750 at the exchange rate at the time of the airdrop.

The more shares you send the more rewards you get!

To learn more about IRON FISH, visit this page.

If you need help setting up your wallet, check out this guide.

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