How to mine with Kryptex pool using NiceHash


NiceHash is a hashrate exchange platform where miners can buy hashrate for different algorithms and use it on mining pools of their choice.

The pools will pay the buyer in proportion to the amount of hash power he connects. You rent someone's mining rigs to mine your cryptocurrency.

Hashrate purchased from NiceHash will be displayed as a separate worker after connecting to Kryptex pool.

This guide will tell you how to set up mining using the hashrate rented from the NiceHash.

Why is it better to rent on the PPS+ Kryptex pool?

  1. PPS+ multicurrency pool:
    • Steady accruals. With PPS+, you get a predictable income, unlike PPLNS, which depends on the number of found blocks. Your income is always maximal and does not depend on pool luck.
    • Pool fee 1%, with no network fee.
    • Hourly payouts.
  2. Reliable and fully anonymous:
    • Our servers are located in reliable European data centers.
    • No registration required. Mine directly to your wallet.
  3. Convenient monitoring from the pool’s side:

Pool connection parameters:

Pool Name: Any name of your choice.

Algorithm: The algorithm used to mine your coin (see the table below).

STRATUM: Kryptex pool URL

Port: The port for the Kryptex pool

Username: Enter your wallet address. How to register a wallet?
If you wish, you can specify the name of the worker through the / symbol.
Example: 0x877d65CA6B79B45aB9A89922E01215771B1c0071/RIG_1

Password: Enter x or leave it blank.

Coin Algorithm STRATUM PORT Username Password
IRON ironfish 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
KASPA kheavyhash 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
NEXA NEXAPOW 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
CFX Octopus 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
ETC ETCHASH 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
ETHW DaggerHashimoto 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
RVN KAWPOW 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
ERGO AUTOLYKOS 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
XMR RandomXmonero 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing
UBQ UBQHASH 7777 Your wallet address x or nothing

Read more about connection and payments on Kryptex pool here 👈

Parameters filling example:


After filling in, click the “Test Pool” button to make sure everything is correct and ready to go.

How to create a NiceHash account:

To buy Hashrate on the NiceHash marketplace, you will need a NiceHash account. Register here:

After registration, you will need to deposit Bitcoin to your NiceHash wallet to purchase hashrate on the NiceHash marketplace. All hashrate contracts, regardless of the chosen algorithm, are paid in Bitcoin. You can send altcoins (ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, ZEC) to your NiceHash account and only then exchange them for bitcoins on the NiceHash exchange itself to pay rent.

How to place an order on NiceHash?

  1. How to place an order on NiceHash:
  2. Detailed instruction on how to buy the hashrate on NiceHash:
  3. Place an order on the marketplace:

Check the connection

It is important to make sure that the purchased hashrate is properly connected to the Kryptex pool.

Be sure to check the settings with a small order first. You can track the worker on the pool’s side within 10-15 minutes after placing an order.

  1. Open the Kryptex pool’s page.
  2. Select the coin mined.
  3. Enter your wallet’s address to the search bar and press the Enter key.
  4. You will see the statistics of your rent order on the Kryptex pool.

You can also track you mining through our Telegram bot:

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