Kryptex distributed the $7500 airdrop for those who mined IRON FISH on the testnet!


We previously decided to reward all our miners for testing IRON FISH with us.

And today we distributed this airdrop!

The airdrop has already been credited to your pool balance. You can see it on the "Payouts" tab.

  1. The amount of coins you receive is directly proportional to the number of shares you have submitted. Please refer to the table for more information.
  2. You will still receive a reward even if you sent just one share. If you do not have enough coins to reach the minimum payout threshold, you can earn the remaining amount by continuing mining.
  3. If you cannot mine the required number of coins for some reason, you can wait until we lower the minimum payout threshold on the pool. We will decrease it as soon as possible.

How we calculated the airdrop

  1. We bought 1200 IRON FISH on various exchanges for 7500 USDT to make the airdrop (exchange rate: 6.25 IRON/USDT).
  2. We credited the coins to your pool balance. We used the same address as on the testnet. Coins were distributed among all testnet miners in proportion to the number of shares they sent on the testnet.
  3. In the table located here, we provide data on all addresses, including the number of shares received, as well as the reward amount.

Tomorrow we will make an additional airdrop to cover the transition period from the testnet to the mainnet which took 2 hours.

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