How to make a payout?


How do I withdraw my coins? How do I pay out?

  • Payment to your wallet is made automatically once it reaches the minimum payment limit. You can set your limit in “Settings”.

What is the minimum payout? How do I change it?

  • The minimum payout and maximum payout threshold could be found on the pool home page.

You can change the payout amount for coins on our pool:

  1. Go to the “Settings” tab.
  2. Specify the desired payout amount in the “Payment Threshold” field.
  3. In the "Ip Address" cell, enter the IP address of the worker whose name the site prompts you. The IP address must end the same as indicated in the prompt on the site (see the last digits). Learn your IP here
  4. Click the "Save" button.

Where do I get a mining wallet?

  • You can use any wallet you like the most. How to choose and register a wallet for mining is told in our article "How to choose a wallet?".

What wallets are supported for withdrawal?

  • All kinds of wallets are supported. However, pay attention to what coin and where you withdraw. For example, ETH is withdrawn to ETH wallet, ETC to ETC wallet. If ETH is withdrawn to the ETC wallet, the money will be lost and cannot be returned. Therefore, we recommend a hot-type wallet. How to choose a wallet?

The money did not reach the wallet, but I did the transfer from the pool.

  • You have to wait a little while. Sometimes you see that the payment in the pool passed, but the wallet has not yet received it. Check to see if the transaction has passed on the blockchain.
  • You have to wait a bit if the transaction exists but is not yet fully validated. This is because each transaction requires a certain number of confirmations. Especially transfers to an exchange wallet can take a long time to be credited.

How and where do I see the blockchain?

  • Each transaction has its blockchain address. If you click on the number of transactions in the payments section, you will see the blockchain for the transaction with this number.

Is it possible to transfer money from one wallet to another user's wallet?

  • All coins accumulated by the miner at a specific address can be paid only to that address. Wallets cannot be merged or summed up on different addresses. In addition, you can't transfer funds to another wallet.

I mined to the wrong wallet! What to do now?

  • Immediately change the wallet in the mining settings to your wallet! Unfortunately, we can not fix the situation if coins have already been paid. We also don't change wallets if they haven't been paid out yet. So, please, be careful when specifying a wallet for mining.

How do I get a daily earning report for the last month?

  • All your payouts are displayed in your cabinet. You can find the payouts you want for any period in the “Payouts” section.

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