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You can pause the chart and slide the timeline on the bottom to take a better look

The chart shows the growing wallet balance
of ETH miner with 1 GH/s mining power

Here is how we get this data.

First, we analyse Ethereum blockchain and extract the data about the blocks each pool have found.
This data contains information about how much ETH each pool have earned, including all the nuanced data about transactional rewards, MEV optimisations and so on.

Second, we collect the statistics of pools' hashrates and fees as it is reported by their websites and APIs.

Third, we calculate real miners reward by combining that data with extreme precision and granularity.

Finally, we double-check that data by comparing it with our reference rig where each identical GPU is mining on each pool 24/7.

We believe that miners must be able to make an informed decision based on unbiased statistical data, so we decided to share it with you.

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Interesting things we can see on the chart

Brief pool tests do not reflect the reality

Brief tests do not reflect the reality.

Pay attention at how the chart bars are dancing around in the first few days of measurement.

This is what happens when miners try to compare pools by mining on each one for a few days or even hours!

If we stop our measurements too early, its anyone's game. There is no clear leader and variability is too high to make any clear judgement.

PPLNS rewards are unstable and can skew the results

Payout scheme matters.

Take a look at the reward dynamics on the animated chart. See how smooth and consistent PPS balance growth and how jittery PPLNS can get some time.

Miner doing a short comparison of PPLNS pools might get lucky round on one pool, while having none of that on another.

This lack of transparency further complicates the measurements, skews the results and makes it hard for miner to make an informed decision.

The gap gets bigger the longer you are mining

Inefficiencies pile-up in the long run.

As you can see, all pools in our comparison yield respectable results.

Despite that, the chart clearly shows that there is a difference, and the gap only gets bigger the longer you are mining.

10% difference may not sound like much.
But if it means earning $10 000 instead of $11 000 — a $1 000 difference is something you might want to consider as a miner.

Check the mining pool data yourself

Thanks to this data we keep improving to provide our users with an unbeatable mining profit.

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