Kryptex Pool Referral Program


Earn 20% of our fees for each invited miner!

Even more ASICs, mining rigs, and gigahashes. Your invitees can mine any coins.

Earn $1-2 per month from one invitee or $100-200 per month from 100 invitees.

And here's the best part — it doesn't matter what coins your referral started mining. The balance consolidates into one point and is automatically exchanged into bitcoins in your account at

How to start using the program?

  1. Register an account on the website
  2. Grab your referral link in your account from the "Affiliate Program" section.
  3. Share the link and invite miners through it.
  4. The miner follows the link, becomes a referral, starts mining, and you start earning.

Does the invitee lose money?

Nope! We cover the reward from our funds.
Both you and your invitee lose nothing.

How do I get a referral link?

Copy the ready prepared referral link from your account, or make one yourself.

Any link on or can be turned into a referral link. Just add your unique referral identifier to the desired link like this: ?ref=abcde12345

For example:

Use the resulting link to attract referrals.

Remember: no cross-referencing between and

How are money paid for referrals?

  1. We take a list of invited wallets and accounts.
  2. We continuously monitor their income stats.
  3. We charge % of this income to your balance from our funds.
  4. Payouts happen approximately every hour.
  5. Your earnings go straight to "confirmed solutions", just like regular mining.
  6. Solutions automatically exchanged for Bitcoins, and then they are available for withdrawal.

Note: Due to technical features, accrual stats may be updated every 1-2 days.

Who and how to invite?

You can invite anyone — friends, colleagues, family, even strangers.
The more computing power your referral has, the more they mine and you earn.

Find your referral link in your personal account's "Affiliate Program" section.

Put your referral link in your forum signature, make a video, share it on social networks, or write a blog post about Kryptex. Stay creative!

Can I invite myself?

No. That's fraud. We keep an eye on suspicious registrations and verify information from third-party sources. If we catch referral fraud, we'll take action.

Don't hesitate to invite friends, neighbors, or campus buddies.
The system is smart enough to see the difference between genuine invites and fraud.

The Kryptex team has got your back! If you accidentally registered using your link, contact our support. We will brake the referral link between your own accounts, and your honest referrals will stay with you.

Any questions left? Ask Kryptex!

Ask away in the Kryptex communities on Discord and Telegram.
Our users share experiences and help each other out.

Discuss hardware and overclocking, and share your ideas!

Or reach out to Kryptex directly:

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