The second IRON FISH airdrop from Kryptex Pool!


Our miners on the IRON FISH pool were waiting for the transition from the testnet to the mainnet for about 2 hours.

We have decided to reward our miners for this period.

Even if you did not mine during this period, you will still receive coins!
You will receive the reward on the same address you used on the testnet.

The total reward for the 2-hour transition period is 128.8 IRON.

How did we calculate the reward for waiting?

  1. Difficulty is how many hashes pool has to find to get a single block.
    This is the difficulty in the first block: 252 000 TH
  2. It stayed roughly the same in the next blocks. This is the difficulty two hours later: 194 409 TH
  3. So the average difficulty was: (252 000 TH + 194 409 TH) / 2 = 223 204.5 TH
  4. Kryptex Pool hashrate just before the mainnet was: 199.62 TH/sec
  5. Let’s convert this into TH/hr: 718 632 TH/h
  6. So, considering the average difficulty and the hashrate in TH/h, for each hour on the mainnet we should have found this amount of blocks: 718652 / 223204.5 = 3.21970.
  7. Every single block is worth 20 IRON, and the transition from the testnet to the mainnet took 2 hours. So all our users should get: 3.21970 * 2 * 20 = 128.8 IRON
  8. We are distributing this amount proportionally to the hashrate during the last hour on the testnet. You will receive the reward on your pool balance.
  9. You can see the reward on the “Payouts” tab.

Check the table located here to see the stats for all addresses, including the number of shares received, as well as the reward amount.

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