How to increase your mining income


Do you want to increase your mining income? Use your processor.
Your mining rig’s CPU can make as much income as another graphics card!

Mining Zephyr coin even on weak CPUs earns a few extra dollars, modern CPUs such as AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and above earn revenue comparable to RTX 3060 Ti.

A few tweaks to the HiveOS config and the CPU is earning revenue on par with the graphics card:

It's even simpler with Windows — start mining on your CPU.
We have provided step-by-step instructions on how to start mining with a CPU on Windows.

How to increase your income on HiveOS?

  1. Open current "Flight Sheet" in your HiveOS dashboard and go to the edit section;

  2. Click "Add Miner”;

  3. Fill in the details to mine ZEPH coin:

    1. Select "ZEPH" in the "Coin" cell;
    2. Select a previously created coin wallet;
    3. Select "Kryptex" in the "Pool" cell;
    4. Select "XMRig (new)" in the "Miner" cell;
    5. Click “Update”;
  4. Apply changes → click "All Workers";

  5. Done! Mining has started. Now your CPU is mining and earning too!

Something does not work?

If you have any questions or can't configure it — Kryptex support will help you!

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