How To Mine With Your Phone?


As smartphones continue to grow in power, users without a PC are curious about mining on their mobile devices. How do you mine on a smartphone? We hear this question more and more often and decided to answer it in our article..

This guide is for informational purposes only and does not encourage you to mine on your smartphone. Kryptex is not responsible for any actions you decide to take. Prolonged mining on a smartphone can damage it, the battery and display may deteriorate, and the phone can overheat. All actions you take are at your own risk. Do not use your primary smartphone for mining.

What You Need to Begin Smartphone Mining:

  1. You will need a smartphone or tablet running Android, no older than 2016. Apple devices are not suitable for mining.

  2. The smartphone processor must feature ARMv8 x64 architecture. Processors with ARMv8 x64 (x32) emulation will not support mining. You can verify your processor using the AIDA64 application in the CPU section.

  3. Choose the coin you wish to mine. On the Kryptex Pool, you can mine XMR (Monero) or ZEPH (Zephyr Protocol). Register a wallet for your coin, or sign up on the website if you prefer payments in Bitcoin or USDT.

  4. Be aware that smartphone mining generates considerable heat and consumes battery life. Connect your smartphone to the Internet and charger. Avoid using your primary smartphone for mining.

How to Mine on a Smartphone?

We will guide you through mining the ZEPH coin on a Huawei P30 smartphone, directing the earnings to a Kryptex account with automatic BTC exchange and USDT payouts.

  1. Download and launch the XMRig for Android app from the Google Play Market.

  2. In the "Settings" section, tap on the "Menu" button, then choose "Add Configuration." Provide a name for the settings profile (e.g., Kryptex ZEPH), enable "Advanced Mode," and tap "Add."

  3. A settings field will appear. Please copy and paste the settings provided below into it. Replace with your Kryptex email or wallet address, and specify your worker name instead of Huawei_P30. Save your settings.

    • Mining Settings: Copy and paste them into the app's black settings box. Don't forget to include your wallet and worker details:

          "autosave": true,
          "cpu": true,
          "opencl": false,
          "cuda": false,
          "pools": [
                  "coin": "zephyr",
                  "algo": "rx/0",
                  "url": "",
                  "user": "",
                  "pass": "x",
                  "tls": false,
                  "keepalive": true,
                  "nicehash": false
  4. Once you save the settings, go to the "Miner" menu, tap on "Select Configuration," pick your profile with the settings, and hit "Start."

  5. After 15-20 seconds, mining will start, and you'll see your hashrate. Check the "Log" tab for details about the mining process or potential errors. To stop mining, tap "Stop."

  6. Your device will appear in your Kryptex account under "Hardware" section or in pool statistics within 10 minutes after start. Your account will have estimated profitability after the first share is found.

The app has a developer commission of 5%. To reduce it to 1%, go to the "Settings" section, "Settings" tab. At the bottom of the page, adjust the "Donate Level" indicator to your preferred percentage and save the settings. You can configure other application settings on this page.

How to Receive Payout?

  1. If you mine to your Kryptex account email, you can request payment in the "Request Payout" section. Please note that different payout methods have varying minimum amounts and network fees. We recommend USDT BEP20 payouts, starting from 1.5 USDT BEP20.
    • The displayed profitability depends on numerous factors and is calculated in real time. Achieving this profitability requires continuous 24/7 mining for a month.
  2. If you mine to a wallet address on a pool, the payout will be automatic once you accumulate enough coins for the payout. You can set the payout threshold on the pool in the "Settings" section.

Questions and Answers

How much can I earn?

  • Considering the network difficulty and coin prices, you can earn $1-3 monthly with continuous 24/7 mining.

Can multiple phones be used?

  • Yes, there is no limit to the quantity.

Will the phone get hot?

  • Yes, the phone will heat up significantly. It's advisable to install an additional heatsink in the processor area.

Is it safe for my phone?

  • No, it's not safe for your phone. Mining may lead to battery or display damage and overheating. Phones and tablets are not designed for intensive mining. Avoid mining on your primary device.

Is there any safe mining alternative for smartphones?

  • No, there is no safe mining for mobile devices. They are not created for mining.

Can other coins be mined?

  • Yes, you can mine XMR (Monero).

How much electricity does a smartphone consume?

  • It consumes 5 to 10 watts, depending on your smartphone.

What will be the hashrate?

  • Depending on the smartphone's power, it ranges from 400 to 1500 H/s.

Which smartphones can mine?

  • Smartphones released after 2016. The processor must support x64 instructions without x32 emulation.

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