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My miner is not sending any shares. What to do?

  • Make sure that your mining settings for the pool are entered correctly. The coin you specified in your miner must match the pool you are mining on. For example, Ethash and Etchash are different coins.

Why did I turn on mining, and the computer doesn't show up?

  • As soon as your miner finds the first share and the pool confirms it — your computer will appear on the pool. Usually, it takes up to 15-20 minutes.

Why does the hash rate that reaches the pool less than the declared hash rate?

  • The pool calculates the hash rate differently than the miner that works with your graphics card. Instead, the pool calculates an average hashrate from the number of shares sent by your graphics card.

For example, your graphics card mines 65 mh\s, but some hashes are marked as invalid due to overclocking — such shares will not be accepted (as well as stale), so the pool does not take into account the hash rate spent on searching for those hashes.

How are Stale shares counted?

  • Stale shares are "late shares". Stale shares are shares for finding an N block sent to the pool after the N block was found. That is, they are latecomers.
  • Kryptex has a PPS (Pay Per Share) payment scheme, which means that Stale shares are not paid for.

Why is the average hash rate so low?

  • The average hash rate is calculated over 6 hours. So if you just started mining, it will be low at first, but after a few hours, it will reach an average level.

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