Flexpool is Closing Down. Choose a New Pool!


The mining pool Flexpool has announced on its public networks that the pool will permanently shut down on 11/01/2023.

Looking for an alternative to Flexpool, 2Miners or K1Pool? You have the opportunity to make a conscious choice of a new best pool for mining!

Kryptex PPS+ Pool offers more features than Flexpool or any other pool.

Choosing Kryptex PPS+ Pool, you get features that are not available on Flexpool, 2Miners, K1Pool or any other pool.

Simple and understandable interface, detailed income information, statistics of your workers — all this makes Kryptex PPS+ Pool the best alternative to Flexpool!

Kryptex is the best alternative to Flexpool

  1. All coins with the highest capitalization are at hand! Kryptex PPS+ Pool already supports ETC, IRON FISH, KASPA, NEXA, ETHW, RVN, ERGO, CFX.

  2. Kryptex supports any ASICs for coins ETC, ETHW, KAS, XMR. Switch quickly and easily to the most profitable coin on a convenient pool.

  3. The most profitable pool for IRON FISH according to community tests!

  4. Automatic exchange to BTC is supported.

  5. No registration and complete anonymity. SSL mining support.

  6. Pool fee 1%. Payouts every hour. We pay the network fees for you!

  7. Payout system PPS+ (Pay Per Share) — we pay for each share.

    • We pay for each share, while PPLNS only pays for found blocks.
    • Your income is always maximum and does not depend on the luck of the pool.
    • Regular accruals — easy to check and plan income.
  8. We support dual mining and increase the income of our miners by 10-15% compared to mining single coin! Dual mining with IRON FISH is already available.

  9. We support HiveOS and RaveOS. Templates are already added and ready to work!

  10. The best Telegram bot for monitoring your rigs. Monitors the state 24/7 and will help you find out about any mining problems.

  11. We show miner versions in the workers section on the pool. We make sure you always get maximum income!

    • We will notify you about the release of a new version of the miner;
    • We will provide a direct link to download the new version if you are using an outdated one.
  12. Support and community that speak the same language. The pool is professionally translated into 14+ languages.

  13. Clear interface, night theme and graphs for your convenience.

  14. Table of the best graphics cards for mining, table of the best ASICS and calculator for quick and accurate assessment of mining profitability.

  15. Overclocking database for graphics cards. Only tested overclocks from real users.

  16. Ready-to-use mining software. On the site miner.download there are fully configured miners for a quick start. Just download the archive, replace the wallet address in the settings with your own, and start mining.

Try Kryptex PPS+ Pool and see for yourself that it is the best alternative to Flexpool, 2Miners or K1Pool.

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