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Bitcoin is the most renowned cryptocurrency, emerging in 2009 through the efforts of a mysterious individual or group using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Employing blockchain technology, Bitcoin facilitates decentralized and secure transactions of digital assets. Throughout its existence, Bitcoin has evolved into the most expensive and precious cryptocurrency.

The Kryptex Pool supports Bitcoin mining with various ASICs. Graphics cards and processors lack the necessary computational power for Bitcoin mining.

Kryptex Pool uses PPS+ payout scheme.

Supported miners

Kryptex BTC Pool supports all well-known Bitcoin miner manufacturers:

  • Bitmain Antminer
  • Whatsminer MicroBT
  • Canaan Avalon
  • Innosilicon
  • Aladdin
  • Bitfury
  • Ebang
  • Aixin

And this is not a complete list of all manufacturers.

Create a Bitcoin Wallet

To start Bitcoin mining, you should have a Bitcoin wallet address. You can create your wallet or obtain a wallet address from a cryptocurrency exchange.

For prolonged BTC storage, we recommend using your own wallets.

Alternatively, you can mine directly to your Kryptex account and withdraw cryptocurrency through various methods: in USDT starting from 1.5 dollars, in Bitcoin, in Ethereum, AdvCash wallet or even Amazon (US) eGift card. The process is explained in detail in our article.

Connecting to the Pool: Step-by-Step Guide

Let's take the Bitmain Antminer ASIC as an example.

  1. Access the control panel of your ASIC.
  2. Navigate to the settings section, typically labeled "Miner Configuration" or "Settings".
  3. Input the following settings:
    • URL of the BTC mining pool: stratum+tcp://
    • Worker: Enter the wallet address for mining and the worker name in the format Wallet_Address.Worker_Name. The worker's name should comprise numbers and Latin letters, excluding spaces or special characters.
    • For instance: 1KVms9T3RKmz6sVCeUPFPFgpYzMj9LZ5rE.Antminer_S9D where:
      1KVms9T3RKmz6sVCeUPFPFgpYzMj9LZ5rE — represents the Bitcoin wallet address.
      Antminer_S9D is the chosen name for your worker in free form.
    • Ensure you use a Legacy, P2SH, or SegWit Bitcoin wallet address.
    • Password: This field is optional. You can either enter x or leave it blank.
  4. If needed, replicate these settings across all three profiles. This ensures that the ASIC will reconnect to the pool and resume operations in case of a connection loss.
  5. Save and apply the settings, then reboot the ASIC.

Monitoring Your Pool Mining Activity

Once your ASIC has stabilized, which typically takes up to 20 minutes, and you have successfully connected to the Kryptex Pool, you can check the status and profitability of your mining efforts on the pool page.

  1. Visit the BTC Kryptex Pool at

  2. Input your wallet address into the search field and press Enter.

  3. View the statistics related to your ASIC on the pool.

  4. For additional monitoring, you can also track the performance of your ASIC through our dedicated monitoring bot on Telegram:


How to set the payout threshold?

  1. Open the pool page and enter your mining address;

  2. Press the “Settings” button.

  3. Set the desired “Payment Threshold”. Minimum and maximum payment threshold mentioned at the pool home page.

  4. In the "Ip Address" cell, enter the IP address of the worker whose name the site prompts you. The external IP address of your ASIC. The IP address must end the same as indicated in the prompt on the site (see the last digits). Learn your IP here

  5. Press the “Submit” button.

  6. Track the status of your payments in the "Payouts" tab.

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