With Kryptex PPS+ mining pool, you get an honest, stable and predictable income.

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Stable payouts


Complete anonymity


Dual mining


Reward System PPS+

Kryptex PPS+ pools are better than anything you’ve tried.

Kryptex pools use PPS+ payout scheme that pays you regularly, while other pools with PPLNS pay only when they find blocks.

With Kryptex pool you can enjoy honest and predictable income!


You always have 100% luck.

We speak the same language with the miners. We will help you solve any problem.

Your request will be processed by our qualified team of miners. We help with the equipment, configuration and scaling of any kind.

Kryptex allows you to mine in a way that works for you

Mining on PPS+ Pool

Receive payouts to your crypto wallet in the currency you're mining.

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The easiest way to start mining and get bitcoins or fiat!

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Bitcoin payouts without the Kryptex application.

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What is Kryptex Pool?

Kryptex Pool is a new altcoin mining pool. We have made it reliable, efficient and profitable.

Regular monitoring of mining profitability

We constantly monitor the profitability of our pool and we can say that our pool is one of the best pools in terms of profitability.

High reliability

The servers are located in one of the largest data centers in Europe.

Multicurrency Pool

Ethereum POW, Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo, Monero and Kaspa coins are available.


The pool works with any miners, HiveOS and RaveOS.

Start mining with Kryptex Pool.
Honest, stable and predictable

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